Marian Rivera performs her viral tiktok dances in the flesh!

Marian Rivera Lights Up Solmux Advance Jam Event at SM North EDSA

On September 16, the SM North EDSA The Block was abuzz with excitement as fans and enthusiasts gathered for a special event hosted by Solmux, a brand endorsed by the ever-charming Marian Rivera. The “Solmux Advance Jam” event promised a delightful experience for all attendees, a chance to witness Marian Rivera herself dance her viral TikTok moves in person. With the talented Mikey Bustos as the host and Doctor Kilimanguru as a guest, the stage was set for an unforgettable day.

As fans entered the venue, they were greeted by an atmosphere filled with anticipation and positive energy. Solmux, a brand trusted for its effective cough relief solutions, had prepared a grand event to show appreciation to its loyal customers. The event aimed not only to promote their products but also to celebrate a sense of community among those who value health and well-being.

The highlight of the event was, without a doubt, Marian Rivera’s dazzling performance. Taking the stage in her signature style, Marian showcased her dance prowess by bringing her viral TikTok dances to life right before her fans’ eyes. With each perfectly timed move, she had the crowd cheering and dancing along with her. The electrifying energy in the air was palpable as fans screamed for Marian at the top of their lungs, showing their unwavering support for the beloved actress.

Adding to the event’s charm and entertainment factor, the charismatic Mikey Bustos took on the role of host. His humor and infectious enthusiasm kept the audience engaged and in high spirits throughout the day. Mikey’s knack for connecting with the crowd further enhanced the overall experience, making it an event to remember.

Doctor Kilimanguru, a well-known figure in the health and wellness field, graced the event as a guest. His presence added a layer of credibility and expertise to the Solmux Advance Jam event, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to providing effective solutions for respiratory health.

Solmux continues to shine as a trusted brand, and Marian Rivera’s infectious energy ensures that her fans will eagerly await her next dance moves, on and off the stage.