The Price Tag of Marian Rivera’s TikTok OOTDs Revealed

Marian Rivera, renowned as the Primetime Queen, is not only ruling the television screens but also making waves as the queen of athleisure in her viral TikTok videos. In a series of captivating dance performances, Marian showcased her flair for fashion, donning outfits from esteemed brands like Sporty & Rich and Fiorucci.

In her initial viral video, where she grooved to Jessie J’s chart-topper, “Price Tag,” Marian effortlessly exuded swag in an ensemble from the upscale casual label Sporty & Rich. This laidback look struck a chord with TikTok users, especially as Marian is typically seen in glamorous attire. To replicate her style, one should be prepared for a substantial investment, as it carries a hefty price tag—specifically, P19,000 for the entire ensemble.

Marian sported the NY Health Club T-shirt, priced at P4,000, complemented by the Self Love Club Hat at P4,000, and the Vendome Sweatpants, a lavish P11,000 addition to the outfit.

A few days later, Marian once again took TikTok by storm, this time dancing to the tunes of Nigerian sensation Burna Boy’s “It’s Plenty.” Remaining loyal to Sporty & Rich, she showcased an all-black outfit from the brand.

In the 26-second video clip, she rocked the Vendome baseball cap, available at $66 or approximately P3,800, and a logo-printed short-sleeved T-shirt for P3,800, accessible on

For her third TikTok video, Marian maintained the t-shirt and sweatpants combo, but this time, she stunned her audience in a Fiorucci tee, priced at €100 (P6,800), accompanied by a cap worth €75 (P4,600) from the brand’s website.

In her most recent TikTok dance video, as she grooved to 50 Cent’s “Disco Inferno,” the actress dazzled once more in a striking Fiorucci outfit. This “lil mama’s” look comes with a price tag of around P45,000. Perhaps these luxurious pieces can inspire you to elevate your off-duty fashion game.

Marian Rivera donned a Safety Angels T-shirt in a washed blue hue, priced at €115 (P7,100), paired with Angels jeans logo joggers in a cream shade, available for €180 (P11,000), and topped it off with an Hermes Davis Sunshine cap, which is priced at $465 (P26,300). Marian’s fashion choices not only showcase her trendsetting style but also provide a glimpse into the world of high-end athleisure wear.