Marian Rivera and Raphael Landicho Showcase Their Dance Moves on the Set of their New TV Series!

Marian Rivera and Raphael Landicho dancing to Burna Boy’s “It’s Plenty” during a break from filming Marian’s new TV series.

Marian Rivera, one of the Philippines’ most beloved actresses, recently took a break from the hustle and bustle of filming her new TV series to show off her dance skills. Joining her in this impromptu dance session was none other than Raphael Landicho, a talented young actor known as Voltes V’s Little John.

The two stars wowed fans when they grooved to the infectious beats of Burna Boy’s “It’s Plenty.” The electrifying moment was captured and shared on GMA Network’s Instagram account, leaving fans in awe of their moves.

During a break from shooting their upcoming TV series, Marian and Raphael decided to inject some energy and fun into the set. The choice of music? Burna Boy’s hit track “It’s Plenty,” a song known for its energetic rhythm and catchy tune.

The Instagram post by GMA Network showcased Marian and Raphael’s remarkable chemistry, both displayed impeccable coordination and impressive dance moves that left viewers thoroughly entertained. Their passion for dancing shone through as they effortlessly matched their steps to the beat of the music.

check their dance video below: