Marian Rivera talks about her reaction to her viral Tiktok Videos

Marian Rivera Talks Potential Collaboration with Niana Guerrero.

In a recent exclusive interview with PEP, Marian Rivera, the renowned Filipino actress, and television personality, opened up about the possibility of collaborating with the talented dancer Niana Guerrero. Rivera’s candid and enthusiastic responses shed light on her admiration for Niana’s dance skills and her daughter Zia’s fanhood. Additionally, she shared her unexpected journey into TikTok stardom with her viral dance video to Jessie J’s “Price Tag.”

Marian Rivera, known for her exceptional acting skills, has always been keen on exploring new avenues in the entertainment world. When asked about the potential collaboration with Niana Guerrero, Rivera replied, “I have to practice more because Niana is such a great dancer.” This statement highlights her humility and dedication to delivering her best in any project she undertakes.

Moreover, PEP revealed that Niana had expressed a desire to meet Zia, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes’ daughter. To this, Marian responded warmly, “Zia is a big fan of Niana.” This revelation highlights the influence Niana Guerrero has over the younger generation and sets the stage for an exciting collaboration.

The conversation then shifted to Marian’s unexpected TikTok fame. Her dance video to Jessie J’s hit song, “Price Tag,” took the internet by storm. Marian shared her surprise and said, “I did not expect it to go viral. I received a lot of requests to make TikTok dance videos, so I just tried it.” This shows her willingness to embrace new trends and connect with her fans through various platforms.

Marian Rivera’s TikTok video garnered immense attention overnight, with messages flooding her inbox. She humorously recalled, “I received a lot of messages the morning after it went viral, and I was surprised. I thought, ‘What happened?'” This anecdote underscores the unpredictability of social media fame and how it can take even celebrities by surprise.

In conclusion, Marian Rivera’s interview with PEP provided a glimpse into her excitement at the prospect of collaborating with Niana Guerrero, her daughter Zia’s admiration for the young dancer, and her unexpected journey into TikTok stardom. Marian Rivera’s versatility and willingness to explore new horizons in the entertainment industry continue to make her a beloved figure among fans and fellow artists alike. We eagerly await any potential collaboration between these two talented individuals and look forward to more entertaining content from Marian on TikTok.

Here is the full interview from PEP.

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