More than 1 Million Tiktokers joined Marian Rivera’s dance craze!

1 Million and counting!

Marian Rivera is being encouraged to continue her dance videos on TikTok because of the warm reception to her content. The latest update is that her first dance video has garnered more than 150 million views.

To top it all, 1 Million Tiktokers have joined Marian Rivera in her Price Tag viral video. Her post has become a Tiktok Danc eChallenge. Even Thai actress Min Prechaya has joined in on the dance craze.

Marian’s second TikTok dance video, dancing to Burna Boy’s “It’s Plenty,” also has gone viral closing to 90 Million views.

Marian’s TikTok followers have also rapidly increased, reaching 5.2 million followers in just 11 days. If she continues to release dance videos, her TikTok followers will likely continue to grow.

@marianrivera Try lang 😝 #MarianRivera #FYP ♬ original sound – MarianRivera

There is an online store selling activewear similar to what Marian wore in her two dance videos. Netizens are eagerly waiting for Marian’s next dance video.

Dingdong Dantes mentioned in an interview that Marian will be doing many more dance moves. He said he repeatedly watches his wife’s dance videos, especially the first one, but he can’t imitate her.

“From then until now, Marian is still an excellent dancer,” Dingdong said admiringly.