Marian Rivera’s viral Tiktok Dance surpasses Joshua Garcia’s viral Tiktok Views

Marian Rivera is determined to continue creating dance videos on TikTok due to the overwhelmingly positive response she has received. Her first dance video, in which she grooves to Jessie J’s “Price Tag,” has now garnered an impressive 148 million views. Additionally, the video has received 12.8 million likes, 671k favorites, 242k shares, and 960k video posts in just 11 days.

Notable personalities such as Dennis Trillo, Shaira Diaz, Rosmar Tan, Althea Ablan, Sofia Pablo, Valerie Concepcion, Julius Babao, Cheryl Cosim, Mikee Reyes, KaladKaren, and Ai Ai delas Alas have joined Marian’s dance craze. Influencers Rosmar Tan, Christian Antolin, and Toni Fowler have also hopped on the bandwagon.

Despite the desire of others to dance alongside Marian, many find it challenging to keep up with her intricate dance steps. Even Thai actress Min Prechaya has joined in on the dance craze.

Marian’s viral video has now Surpasses Joshua Garcia’s 2 year old viral video that currently has 147 Million Tiktok Views.

Marian’s second TikTok dance video, featuring Burna Boy’s “It’s Plenty,” has also gained significant traction, it now has 80 Milliom Tiktok Views.

Marian’s TikTok following has experienced rapid growth, with 5 million followers amassed in just 11 days. If she continues to create dance videos, her follower count is likely to increase even further.

In other TikTok-related news, there is a Marimar starter pack available, inspired by the outfit Marian wore in her first dance video. The pack includes a t-shirt, baseball cap, and jogging pants, which are more affordable alternatives to Marian’s P19,000+ ensemble.

Smart Parenting also took notice of Marian’s viral TikTok videos, expressing their desire to dance and update their wardrobe. They even shared where to buy activewear or athletic outfits online.

Netizens are eagerly awaiting Marian’s next dance videos, as they anticipate more captivating performances from the talented actress.

Dingdong Dantes, Marian’s husband, mentioned in an interview that she has many more impressive dance moves up her sleeve. He admitted to watching her dance video repeatedly, particularly the first one, but found it challenging to imitate her skills.

“Marian still dances exceptionally well, from then until now,” Dingdong expressed with admiration.