Koreans react to Marian Rivera

and Dantes Squad!

Handa Studio Philippines, a Youtube Channel where koreans react to Filipino Celebrities just posted a video featuring The Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.

They mostly reacted to Marian’s post on Tiktok. Before they started, they said that Marian Rivera is a Top Actress in the Philippines.

their first reaction was “She’s so pretty and sexy.. She’s so elegant.” They also reacted to DongYan’s grand 2014 wedding and said her husband Dong Dantes is very handsome.

They also reacted to the video of Marian and Zia where they lipsynced ‘I wanna dance with somebody.’

“Her daughter is so pretty! She has her Mom’s eyes.. Mom is a Queen and her daughter is a Princess.” They said.

They also saw a video with Sixto and they said Sixto is so cute and both children looks a lot like their mother Marian.

Watch the full video here:

Thank you Handa Studio!