Marian on Baby number 3: Ipagdasal natin!

Marian and Dong’s reaction when asked about Baby Number 3.

Marian Rivera has always been open about wanting to have a big family. In the past interview she said that she would like to have children as many as basket ball team.

After having Zia and Sixto, Marian said that in reality she would be bless to have 3 children. She’s been praying to have another child after Sixto.

In the anniversary of DongYanatics, the fans asked about them having baby number 3. Even fans are praying for DongYan to have another baby making Sixto a “Kuya’ officially.

When fans asked them about baby number 3 Marian told them to pray for it. Marian said, “Ipagdasal natin.”

Here’s the clip: