Marian’s reaction to SHK new k-drama The Glory!

Marian Rivera’s new favorite K-Drama!

We all know that just like us The Primetime Queen Marian Rivera also loves watching Korean Drama.

She is even have a crush to korean actor Hyun Bin and openly talked about it during interviews. One of her favorite korean drama is Crash Landing on You.

And just like us she rooted for the BinJin Couple and congratulate them on their wedding. But now Marian has found her new favorite Korean Drama.

During the party of DongYanatics 15th anniversary, Marian was asked, what Korean Drama is she currently watching. Dong immediately revealed, “She’s addicted to The Glory!”

Marian then excitedly screamed and declared, “The Glory!” She said that after the party she will be watching the part 2 of The Glory on Netflix.

Dong joked that Marian can finished the whole part 2 in one day, but Marian said she finished the first part in 2 days! “I finished it (part 1) in 2 days!”

Watch the video below!