DongYan kissed at DY 15th Anniv celebrations

DongYan at The DongYanatics 15th anniversary.

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera attended the 15th anniversary of their Fansclub ‘The Official DongYanatics.

The Official DongYanatics is Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s biggest and oldest Fansclub. DongYan attended their anniversary celebration many times in the past.

Due to the pandemic they haven’t able to celebrate their anniversary until now. Ofcourse Dong and Yan attended the celebration.

While DongYan were taking photos with the cake, the fans shouted, “Kiss! Kiss!” DongYan obliged. But it was not enough for the fans they joked that they didn’t get it on camera.


“We didn’t record it! Kiss again!” They screamed. So they request for another kiss which DongYan obliged once again.

Then ofcourse the fans tricked DongYan to kiss for the 3rd time. The fans screamed in Kilig! Watch the video below!