Mommy Marian taught Zixto how to make potato chips!

Sixto made his own snacks!

In a recent photos and clips shared  by Mommy Marian Rivera-Dantes on her Instagram account, He taught her youngest child Sixto how to make potato chips.

Mommy Marian shared a video of Sixto while making his own snacks potato chips. Mommy Marian helped Sixto to cut the potato into thin slices and watch them.

Sixto dry them up pieces by pieces and  then put them one by one on a tray to cook. In the next photo shared by Mommy Marian Sixto is tasting the potato chips that he and his Mom made.

Meanwhile in another photo shared by Mommy Marian, Daddy Dong were helping Zia put on her skate shoes. So sweet!

Video from The Chikka.