Ground attendant shared his experience with Dantes Family

One of a kind Family..

The Dantes Family just had their short Valentines vacation in Boracay.

They are now back home but stories of their kindess from the people who encounter them in boracay is now imerging in social media.

Ninz Dionela Magbanua, a ground attendant at Boracay Airport shared his experience of assisting the Dantes Family while they wait for their flight back to manila in Boracay Airport.

He said that The Dantes Family is very down-to-earth and one of a kind, they even bought them food.

“Ma assist at makita mo sila ng harapan, sobrang cool, at walang walang ka arte2x, ma subaybayan sila sa galawang artista, e-norderan pa kmi ng pagkain, one of a kind a talaga! Na witnessed namin yun! Maraming Salamat po 100%!”

He even shared some photos and videos with The Dantes Family. Check them out Below.