DongYan’s kilig special Valentine’s Day video!

14 years and 364 days…

Kapuso Primetime Couple Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera Dantes shared a special Valentine’s Day video in collaboration with Conti’s, bakeshop that they are endorsing as a couple.

Dong and Marian have been celebrating Valentine’s Day for the past 15 years and counting. Through the years their love and relationship become even stronger and deeper.

They posted, “Any guesses as to how many years have we been celebrating the Valentine’s Day together?😊

After all these delightful years, we would always find ways and time to celebrate the gift of love. Thank you @Conti’s_ph for making our valentine’s celebration always special. Your Mud about Mousse cake got us extra madly in love with the love month.🥰

Have a sweet valentine celebration, everyone!💕”

Here’s the video: