Marian Rivera sings Halik by Aegis!

Marian Rivera the singer..

Marian Rivera, Kapuso primetime queen, sang the aegis’ ‘halik’. Dingdong Dantes, the primetime king, shared a fun video of his wife lipsyncing to the hit Aegis song ‘halik”.

Marian is pretending to sing in the video, and despite the fact that it’s a lipsync, she did really good at acting it. And she almost fell onto the couch, which made her children Zia and Sixto laugh so hard.

You can hear their laughter in the background. We can here Zia telling her Mom, “You’re so good at acting! Very good at acting!”

And here’s a funny video of the primetime queen lip-syncing the Aegis song “Halik,” enjoy!