Full Episode: Marian Rivera’s Fast Talk with Boy Abunda

Boy meets Marian..

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is the special guest of the pilot telecast of Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.

Even though It’s been 16 years since she played the role of Dyesebel with her now husband Dingdong Dantes. Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera still has a lot of revelation and she spills all of it in the interview she had with the King of Talk Boy Abunda.

She says that during the taping of Dyesebel, she and Dong Dantes didn’t talk to eachother,  and she got mad at Dingdong because of the joke that he made.

Dong jokingly said that Marian was only using prepaid cellphone because she didn’t send any replies to his messages.

“We’re a bit cold with eachother during Dyesebel. We don’t talk with eachother, and that’s because I’m maldita.”

“Looking back, he told me ‘you keep ignoring me, you’re such a snob, I’ve been texting you why didn’t you reply? Is it because you only use prepaid cellphone?”

Marian said she got really mad because what Dong said was actually true. “I only use prepaid cellphone that time. We were in the island in Palawan so I really bought a lot of cards.”

“When my card runs out, I go up to get signals. That’s why I promised myself that when I get my salary I will get postpaid cellphone.”

There were also items that Boy Abunda showed to Marian and one of the items were Marimar Necklace.

So Marian showed Boy how to dance like Marimar. Check out the full interview below: