Zeinab cried tears of joy upon meeting her idol Marian in person

Zeinab meets her childhood Idol..

Zeinab Harake’s biggest wish came true,  to see and hug Marian Rivera in person. You can see in the video the lovely reaction of Zeinab the moment she saw her idol Marian.

It’s a dream come true for Zeinab to have a conversation and receive a hug from her childhood idol. Plus, Zeinab also have met Marian’s husband Dingdong Dantes that made Zeinab so much happy.

Marian and Dingdong together with Beautederm CEO Ms. Rei Tan cut the ribbon for the formal opening of Beautederm building. While Zeinab is one of the brand ambassador of Beautederm.

Zeinab posted their photos on her social media accounts, she captioned her post ‘My forever lodi, My marimar I love you so so much @marianrivera..Finally my dongyan heart!!’ And Marian liked the said post and put it in her IG story.

Zeinab’s post gain so much heart reaction from the netizens, the netizens said they are both very lovely.  And also some of them requests that they should do collaboration on youtube. Zeinab said she’a very lucky to get an opportunity to see and talk Marian in person.

Zeinab cried tears of joy upon meeting Marian, her childhood idol, she shared her experience meeting Marian on her Youtube Channel, check it out below!

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