Very sweet! Marian Rivera visited Dong Dantes on the set of family feud.

DongYan’s sweetness.

Family Feud Game show Master Dong Dantes was visited by a very beautiful Queen on the set of Family Feud.

His beautiful visitor is none other than his wife Primetime Queen Marian Rivera. His wife Marian was spotted watching her husband from the sideline.

Marian looks so proud and all smile while watching her husband on the set of Family Feud. She was beaming with pride and joy.

When they cut for commercial, Dong immediately approached Marian and gave her a kiss, While Marian hugged her husband so tightly and the two shared a kilig moment off camera.

Everyone who were watching in the studio can’t help but to smile and feel kilig by Dong and Yan’s public display of affection.

Watch the video below: