Zia and Daddy Dong’s duet of Always remember us this way!

Daddy and Ate Zia’s special duet.

Zia Dantes had a week long celebration of her 7th birthday. Daddy Dong Dantes and Mommy Marian Rivera prepared 3 celebration for Zia.

Daddy Dong and Ate Zia shared a cute and adorable moment together when they sang ‘Always remember us this way’ by Lady Gaga.

Daddy Dong seem to have sang out of tune and Zia can’t hold off her laughter. She just put her palm into her pretty face, and can’t believe what she was hearing. So adorable!

Teena Barretto posted the adorable moment on her social media account. “Here’s a cute daddy and daughter moment from Zia’s birthday party! When your daughter asks you to sing on her birthday, you just do it like @dongdantes did for Zia!”