Zia’s 7th birtbday party celebration with family

Birthday Party number 3!

It’s not over until its over! It’s a week long celebration for Zia Dantes 7th birthday! It’s not just 1 nor w but 3 birthday celebrations!

Daddy Dong Dantes and Mommy Marian Rivera prepared 3 birthday parties for Zia’s 7th birthday. The first one was held last november 23, where Zia got a surprised celebration at home.

The 2nd one was held last saturday evening with Zia’s friends, and for the 3rd time Zia celebrated her 7th birthday last sunday with Gracia-Dantes and Gonzales clan.

Zia’s cousins, aunts and uncles are all present to celebrate her birthday, they all sang happy birthday to her.

Here is the clip: