Dantes Family enjoying their new pool!

Zia loves swimming!

One of the activities that The Dantes Family truly enjoy is swimming. DongYan both love the water and their children love being in the water too.

Especially Ate Zia Dantes. Whenever they have family vacation Ate Zia is always the first one to go to the swimming pool.

Now that they have their very own pool at home The Dantes Family is enjoying every bit of it. Daddy Dong shared a photo of their family enjoying their new swimming pool.

“Dreams (still) do come true, even at forty two. Never give up.” Daddy Dong said in the caption.

In anothe photo, Daddy Dong captured Ate Zia jumping to the pool. “Always the first one in, and the last one out.”

Thank you Dantes Fam for sharing the photos.