Dong revealed Sixto loves to copy his Ate Zia!

Sixto learns from Ate Zia!

Zia and Sixto are both very competitive on sports.  Recently The Dantes Family join a funrun where they shared Zia and Sixto being competitive.

Daddy Dong talked about it with the entertainment press. He shared that Sixto was not very familiar with obstacle course.

“So we attended the school funrun, there is obstacles course. Sixto is not very familiar to that kind of things because he didn’t yet join any of that activities and he’s just a 3 years old boy.” Dong said.

“But when he saw her ate on how to properly do it, he just follow and copy how her ate Zia do it. So it feels so good to see that Sixto is willing to learn and he really follows her ate Zia.”

Dong is glad that things are slowly getting back to normal and they can do outdoor activities such as joining funruns.

“But in general, these fun activities are slowly going back on how they used to be when there’s no pandemic. Now we are able to bring our children to explore these fun activities because they needed it also.”