DongYan and Sixto spotted at an indoor playground without a helper

Hands-on parents!

Netizens commend celebrity couple Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera for being a very hands-on parents.

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera were spotted by a netizen at an indoor playground with their son Sixto.

They were seen being a hands-on parents to Sixto, they don’t even have a Yaya with them which amazed the netizen who spotted them.

She pointed out how DongYan look after Sixto and how nice they were to her when she asked for a photo.

She wrote, “Sabi nila masungit daw si Idol Marian Rivera, di naman. Dapat kasi minsan intindihin din natin sila kasi may times din pagod lang sila at need din nila privacy diba? Ako nga nag thank you pa sila kanila pagpa picture ko. Nakakatuwa sila maalaga sa mga kids wala pa silang yaya kasama.”

Video from Nevermind_Idontmatter on Tiktok