Zia from Little Darna to Super Girl

Zia Dantes as Super Girl!

Mommy Marian Rivera shared a new photo of Zia today, October 7th, 2022.

Zia was wearing Super Girl costume, Mommy Marian did not elaborate why Zia is wearing a Super Girl Costume.

many speculate that it’s probably for school party since holloween is just around the corner. Zia loves to dress up for holloween just like her Mom and Dad.

Marian posted the photo with the caption, “Go super girl!”

The costume reminded them when Zia wore Little Darna costume a few years ago. It immediately trended in social media. Zia was carbon copy of her Mom.

Now many are excited to see what will be the costume of Dantes Squad this coming holloween. Any guesses?

here is a bonus photo with Sixto as Batman!