Bakit hindi basta basta nag eendorse ng products si Marian

Marian don’t endorse products just for the money..

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera are very meticulous when it comes to choosing products that they will be endorsing.

Marian said that they make sure that they use the products  they endorsed. They don’t endorse a product just for the money. If they endorse a product, they really  believe in it and use it.

“Nag-eendorso kami ng isang produkto palagi na kailangan na ginagamit ko at sure ball ako na gagamitin ko siya. Ayokong i-endorse just for the sake of money or because of may endorsement ako, no!”

On why they choose to partner with Ceelin  Plus Vitamins, “It’s because since day 1 my children are taking Ceelin Plus and they are very used to it that’s why it’s very easy for them to take it and that is what matter to me”.  Marian said.

“We really saw how the benefits of Ceelin works, we tested it. Especially now that our kids will be having a face-to-face classes they will be needing it. Sorry for the term but because as a mom, we become paranoid and OA sometimes when it comes to the health of our children.”

“As long as we can give them and help them to maintain the good health, as a mother we are willing to give them that. We are willing to secure them on having a good health. And Ceelin Plus are here to help us to achieve that.” Marian said.

“Zia and Sixto are still taking Ceelin Plus everyday, the day can’t end without them taking Ceelin Plus. To make sure that they are stronger and safer from any sickness. But it’s so sad to think that not every kid was in able to take Ceelin Plus.”

“That’s why we are happy to share to all of you the #PangakongProteksyon #ImmunityForAllKids of Ceelin together with Caritas Philippines.”

There are 100,000 children from rural area  that was also called by geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA) that was short of receiving a nutritious vitamins.

“Every child has a right to feel protected and every child deserve to have a good health and have a strong immunity that will be their shield from any sickness.” Marian said.

To end these kind of problems, the DongYan couple distributed a lot of Ceelin vitamins to the children from Caritas Phi on September 13, that was held in Obispado de Cubao, Quezon City.

“This is very good opportunity for the legacy programs to be broad. Thanks to Unilab and Ceelin for their endlessly help to the Caritas Philippines and also for the victims of the typhoons.”