DD: Di kami sanay na mawalay sa isat-isa ng ganito katagal

Dong misses his family..

Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes, admitted that he already miss his wife Marian and their children Zia and Sixto.

He is now in America together with his co-kapuso stars. They come to The US for their concert ‘Together Again’.

Last September 23, they already arrived in California. They successfully finished their two-days concert. The pinoys in California  were  very excited to watch the kapuso artists.

In the interview of GMA news with Dingdong Dantes before he left for The US, you can see how sad his eyes is. He admits that he really miss his family, that he’s not used being away from them for so long. Even if its just a days, he can’t help himself but to miss her wife and children.

“Di na kami sanay na you know, na mawalay sa isat isa ng ganito katagal.” He said.  [We are really not used to it, being away from one another for days.]

Mommy Marian and their children made a letters that Dingdong brought on his work travel. They made those letters for Dingdong, for him to not to miss them so much.

“Baon ko sakin yung mga letters ng mga anak ko saka ng asawa ko kasi medyo matagal din akong mawawala.” He said. [I brought the letters that my wife and children made for me, I brought those letters with me so in that way I will always remember them and to avoid missing them so much.]

In that way, even they are far away from each other, Dingdong can still feel the love of his family. Dantes family are indeed a ideal family because they are so sweet and the love within them are overflowing. Dingdong Dantes can’t wait to go home and bond with his family.

Meanwhile, while Daddy Dong is away, Mommy Marian and is keeping their two children busy. Here is Sixto doing some aet with Mommy Marian.