Marian and Zia’s tiktok post got 2Million views in 1 hour.

The Mother and Daughter duo are going viral on Tiktok

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera posted a new video on Tiktok with her daughter Zia.

In the video the Mother and Daughter Duo lip syncing and dancing to Whitney Houston’s I wanna with somebody.

Marian and Zia adorably sang and dance while Marian is fixing Zia’s hair. The video is now going viral on Tiktok.

After just 1 hour after posting, the video now has 2 Million views and 246k hearts on Tiktok, making it Marian’s fastest post to reach 2 Million views in just 1 hour.

Marian open her Tiktok account last August 12th, on her birthday. It now has almost 200k followers and 1.1 Million likes.

Here is the cutest video of Marian and Zia!