Netizens reacts to Marian’s new walk-in closet!

Update on DongYan..

The Royal couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes seems to have a new project together. Marian shared on her Ig story a sweet photo of them with a caption ‘launching soon’.

Marian said on one of her post that when she’s working with her husband Dong Dantes she doesn’t feel that she’s actually doing work. Now we have something we should look forward as  they revealed to have another project soon.

Meanwhile, after sharing different parts of their new home, Marian shared another room of their newly build house.

The Dantes Family is currently building their dream house and base in the pictures shared by the couple, they will soon move in to their new home. The house constructions seem almost finish.

Marian shared a photo of her new walk-in closet. Netizens were amazed how big her walk-in closet is. Some joke it is bigger than their house.

In the photo we can see how spacious it is, and how detailed and high class the black cabinetry is. It even has a center island.

Here are some of the comments:

“Please ms. marian do a walk in closet vlog po i really want to see your bag collection nakaka inspired kasi!”

“Love the huge walk in closet,deserved for the hard working beautiful queen!!!!!!”

“U deserve for it , God bless!”

“Malaki p walking closet mo s entire house namen!”

“Wow! Sana All! Beautiful and big walk in closets!”

“Nice sobrang ganda you deserve it my Idol Dongyan and family.. Congrats👏❤💞”