Marian: Humanda sila pag ako na ang kumanta!

Aside of doing pattery, drawing, painting, singing and even playing instruments Zia found another hobby that she really enjoy.

DongYans’ eldest child Zia has a lot of hobbies and skills. That’s why netizens are so amazed and loves Zia more, they gave compliments to Zia, they said she is indeed a multitalented kid.

Recently, netizens adores Dante Squad, on how they bond together, they jammed Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by The Beatles together. “I’m happy and proud because they really love singing the old songs.” Dong said.

“Yes, especially Zia because she is the one who actually loves to sing and she even ask her daddy for help, asking to teach her and improve her singing.” Marian said.

“Sixto will notice it and then she will copy his sister who loves to sing. So that is how the three of them bond. I jokingly say, they need to prepare themselves if I’m going to show my singing skills.” Marian added.

Dong revealed she has a video of Marian singing but Marian doesn’t want him to upload it. Meanwhile, Netizens got amazed on how brave and strong Zia is, who did a solo horse back riding.

She felt nervous at first but Marian still got amazed on how strong Zia is.”She really enjoyed it and the owner of the horse even said that Zia and the horse have a connection between them, which is a good sign because it means they are really having fun and enjoy it together.” Marian said.

DongYan are the ones that personally gave the vitamins to 100 children today. They also gave a speech reminding everyone that we should constantly take care of our health, not just children but also adults.

“This kind of activity is very close to our hearts because we also a parent who needs to take a good care of our children.” Dong said.