Dantes Family at Leviste Equestrian Park!

Dantes Squad visits Leviste Equestrian Park..

Dantes family’s new uploaded family picture got a lot of hearts reaction from the netizens. Their family picture was taken at Leviste Equestrian Park.

Their family pictures are so lovely, in the picture, they are laughing together while staring at Sixto. Marian Rivera captioned their photo with ‘love these people to the moon and back’.

There are so many netizens who commented on the pictures saying they adore Dantes family so much. They say Dantes family is truly a beautiful and happy family.

Dingdong Dantes never failed us on his posts caption. He always has a sweet and lovely caption that will make us gratified.

There are also a cute pictures of Dingdong and Sixto while enjoy their time together. You can really say that Sixto is a pet lover.