Zeinab revealed she is a DongYan number 1 fan!

DongYan supporter!

Social Media sensation Zeinab is the new edition to the Beaut├ęderm family.

She was interview by the entertainment press, as a huge fan of Marian Rivera she was asked how was her experience playing on Family Feud, hosted by Marian’s husband Dong Dantes.

Zeinab shared that Dong is super nice, super handsome and that’s why DongYan are perfect for eachother, and and she even revealed she is a DongYan Fan.

“Sobrang bait ni Sir Dong as in sinasabi ko nga sa kanya na DongYan lover ako tapos tuwang tuwa siya kase ang kulit kulit ko daw.

“Sobrang bait ni Sir Dong at sobrang bango at napaka gwapo bagay na bagay talaga sila ni Ate Yanyan. Ako ang number 1 supporter nyo noon lalaban ko yon hanggang ngayon naging notebook ko sila.”

When she start vlogging, Did she think that this time will come that she will get the chance to have a presscon and attend big events?

Zeinab answers, “I didn’t really expect this to happen that’s why Im so overwhelmed to experience this, that you guys are here to interview me. I usually do this question and answer online with the viewers and supporters, but today it feels different because I’m actually doing this on a press launch so I have to answer your questions honestly.

Thank you Ms. Rose for the clip and Congrats our fellow DongYan fan Zeinab!