GMA Showbiz reporter Aubrey Carampel revealed the true personality of Marian Rivera behind the camera.

Marian behind the camera..

The showbiz reporters Aubrey Carampel and Lars Santiago guested on the Updated With Nelson Canlas show.

On their conversation, the showbiz reporter shares a lot of topics. The first question of Nelson Canlas to Aubrey Carampel, asking her who was the very first artist she had interviewed with.

She answered that she can’t remember it but she remembered the first artist who made her so starstruck and it is Marian Rivera.

“Grabe naman di ko na matandaan pero naaalala ko kung kanino ako unang na starstruck na artista. and it is Marian Rivera.” She said.

She said she barely took a picture with celebrities, But Marian is an exception. The moment she first met Marian she just said ‘Oh my god! you are so gorgeous!’.

“Nung nakita ko si Marian Rivera sabi ko ‘oh my god ang ganda mo’ kase natulala ako ang ganda kasi talaga ni Marian Rivera.” She said.

She almost froze because of being starstruck by the Kapuso Primetime Queen and until now she still gets starstruck by Marian everytime she sees her, nothing changed according to her.

Nelson Canlas also mentioned the memorable interview that Aubey Carampel had and it is when  Marian Rivera got the Marimar role.

Aubrey said that Marian really cried so hard in that moment because she really prayed to get that big role. She even visited to church often praying to get the Marimar role

While she interview Marian, she said she saw and witnessed how true Marian’s heart is. Until they become so close and build a friendship. And Aubrey Carampel revealed the true personality of Marian Rivera behind the camera.

She said that Marian is the type of celebrity who wouldn’t make you wait. “Nakita ko yung pagiging totoo ng puso ni Marian. Hindi siya nagpapahintay. Pag dumating ka sa set na alam ngang iinterviewhin mo siya pag nakita ka niya sasabihin niya ‘halika na interviewhin mo na ko para hindi kana maghintay para makabalik kana agad.”

That’s what the showbiz reporter said, how Marian’s personality behind the camera. She is indeed beautiful inside and out. The other two reporters Nelson Canlas and Lars Santiago also agreed on what Aubrey says.

That’s really one of the good traits of Marian Rivera. She is very different from the other artists who will make you wait  just to get an interview with her. Marian is incomparable because she’s the best.