Princess Diana’s fave designer and friend Lana Marks named Cleopatra Clutch after Marian Rivera!

Marian joining other hollywood celebrites..

Lana Marks, the designer to Hollywood royalty and royalty for the world design and name a luxury clutch after Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.

Lana Marks is Princess Diana’s good friend and favorite bag designer. Lana Marks named the new cleopatra clutch “The Marian Rivera Cleopatra Clutch.”  It is featured on her official website.

She said, “I’m so honored to have designed a white alligator Cleopatra clutch for my new friend, Marian Rivera.”

Marian joined other european and hollywood royalties who a who are name after their own cleopatra clutch as well.

The Cleopatra Clutch is inspired by the 1963 film ‘Cleopatra’ an iconic role plaed by the legendary Elizabeth Tylor.

Other hollywod A-listers who own their own Cleopatra Clutch are Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Charlize  Theron, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Aniston.