Vice Ganda nagalit sa pagkalat ng fake news tungkol sa kanila ni Marian Rivera!

Vice Ganda and Marian Rivera never had any issue.

Vice Ganda were furious about the fake news reported on TV5 about the “issue” she had with Marian Rivera.

The said news is about putting an end about the tension between Vice and Marian regarding the issue they had before.

According to the news, the tension ends when they met and bond on Preview Ball 2022. The news claimed that Vice Ganda and Marian’s tension started when Vice Ganda criticized Marian’s grammar.

Vice Ganda quickly clarify that it is fake news. She is furious that such fake news is being spread by a legit tv network.

Vice Ganda said that he never had any issues with Marian. And that the said news is just click bait. “Ha??????!!!!!!!!!!! San galing ang balitang to?????? Nagkaissue kami? Iringan??!!!!! Pauso! Yuck! Super yuck! Mema???!!!” He furiously tweeted.

In another tweet, Vice said the fake news they created is so disgusting. “Super kadiri yung mga balitang mema! Eeeooooowwwwww!!!! Clickbait???!!!! Fake news????!!!! TAE!”

Vice Ganda and Marian are actually friends and very supportive of eachother.