Vice Ganda to Marian: Pwede na ako umuwi! I love you forever!

Vice Ganda fangirl over Marian Rivera!

Kapamilya host and  superstar Vice Ganda once again shocked by Marian Rivera’s beauty when he got to meet her in at Preview Ball last  night. shared the video of Vice Ganda and Marian Rivera of the two superstars. Vice Ganda repeatedly praised Marian.

Vice Ganda kept telling Marian that she is the most beautiful celebrity for him. The unkabogable star also proudly say that he really found Marian so beautiful.

“You are the most beautiful! Para sa aming lahat! Anv sinabi ko si Marian Rivera! Diba sinabi ko kanina the most  beautiful for me is Marian Rivera!” Vice said.

He even joked that Marian’s armpit probably smell so good all the time because she is that beautiful. Vice excitedly asked Marian to take a photo with him.
“Parang ang bagong ng kili-kili lagi! Hoy pinikturan mo na kami?!”

After taking the photo with Marian Vice Ganda said, “Pwede na ako umuwi! I love you forever!”

Check out the clip below from PEP.