Koreans got shocked after finding Marian Rivera’s real age!

Koreans tried to guess Marian’s age.

YT Channel Rice Squad posted a video with the title “Can Korean guest the ages of these Filipino Celebrities?”

One of the filipino celebrities the try to guess the age is Primetime Queen Marian Rivera. One of the korean guess of Marian’s age is 32 while the other one is 29 and the last korean guess is 28.

But the other korean changed her guess two times, from 29 to 30 to 35. Their final guess is 30, 32 and 35 but their guess are wrong and it shocked them when the host revealed the real age of Marian.

Actually Marian Rivera is now 37 years old. “Holy!!! How?!” They said while in shock. The koreans wonder why Marian is still look so young.

They even wishes to become like her when they reach the age of 37. Check out the clip below: