Dong Dantes natulala sa kagandahan ni Marian!

Reminded him of their wedding day…

Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes gets more in love with her very gorgeous and sexy wife Marian.

Dingdong Dantes posted some of their pictures together with Marian, that was taken during of Marian’s 38th birthday party last week.

He still got amazed by his wife’s beauty, you can sense it the way he looks at his wife. He still stares Marian the way he did when they got married.

He captioned this on his post “Me looking at her walking down those stairs reminds me of how she marched on that majestic aisle 8 years ago”.

He still looks at Marian just like how he looks at her during their wedding 8 years ago. When Marian was walking down the stairs during her birthday party, you can see how Dingdong stares at her.

Nothing changes because he still get mesmerized by the beauty of his fabulous wife Marian. He is indeed super in love with his wife just like the first days of their relationship when they are in dating stage.

The royal couple Marian and Dingsong are really a ‘couple goals’

That’s why the netizens can’t help themselves but to fall in love with DongYan couple. One of the netizens even said that “I hope all men in the world are just like Dingdong, they way he stares at his wife, we can tell that he is really in love and amazed by the beauty of his wife Marian.”