Dong: Ang sarap kaya katrabaho ang asawa!

DongYan high rating sitcom!

Marian Rivera and Dong Dantes got to interview by PEP at the red carpet of GMA Gala Night. They congratulated them for the success of their sitcom ‘Jose and Maria’s Bonggang Villa’.”

We want congratulate you guys of course because Jose and Maria’s Bonggang Villa’s rating is so high and we are so happy to see you guys in your come back show. So what did you feel for the warm welcome of your supporters.” They asked.

Dong answered that he’s happy to be able to work with his wife again and that it geels like true to life, “For me, Im happy to work with my wife again, you know it’s feels much better to work with your wife. It feels that we do work as our true lives, its feels like its not a work for us because we enjoy it so much.”

Dong also said that they are happy that they found a new family. “Aside of because its a comedy type, it’s always a pleasure working with Marian Rivera. And of course with our new found family now in the cast are also a great pleasure working with them.”

While, Marian Believes they are receiving high ratings is because of their co-workers and how natural they all appear. “I think one of the secret to got this high rating is because of our co-workers, we really treat everyone as a happy family, and the outcome of it appears naturally on television. So everytime we have a taping, we are all looking forward and excited to see each other.”

Dong also said that they are hoping to have many more seasons of their sitcom, “Yes, we are hoping for that, until we can still do it..we’ll make it work.”

You can watch the full interview here from PEP:

Congratulations DongYan!