Marian tells a funny story with Urvashi

Marian and Urvashi..

Marian Rivera was invited to be one of the judges for Miss Universe 2021. Where she flew to Israel with husband Dong Dantes.

Marian formed a friendship with her co-panelist, including Bollywood Superstar Urvashi Rautela. Marian shared a funny story with Urvashi during the event.

Marian said, that Dong was very supportive and was always there to take care of whatever she needs. Marian would call out to Dong whenever she needs something.

When Marian was thirsty she called her husband, “Dad nauuhaw ako! Nagnibigay siya.. tapos sabi ni urvashi, can you call him? I need water also.” So Marian called out to Dong again, “Dad!!! Tubig daw siya!”

Then after awhile Urvashi asked Marian a question, “Do you have internet?” Marian replied, “I dont have internet?  Can you call your husband? Maybe yout husband have internet.” So Marian called Dong Again? “Dad!!!! Internet daw!”

Here is the clip: