Netizens reaction to Marian’s toned abs in Balesin photos!

Marian in Balesin!

The Dantes Family is currently in Balesin Island to celebrate Dong Dantes 41st birthday. They flew in the island yesterday just in time for Dong’s 41st birthday.

Balesin Island is one of Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s favorite place to go to. Both of them are beach lovers and Balesin is one of the places they always come back to visit.

This time they came with Dong’s side of the family to celebrate his birthday. Marian posted a couple of photos thet set netizens abuzz.

Marian shared photos flaunting her toned abs while wearing a trouser. She captioned, “Waking up by the ocean.”

Netizens can’t help but talk about Marian’s toned abs.

Here are some of the top comments:

“Ang abs! 🔥”

“Killing it with trouser!”

“Uwian na! Grabe parang dalaga parin!”

“Gandang hindi na need ng filter!”

“Dalawa na ang anak, sexy parin!”

“Kili kili pa lang uwian na!😆”