Marian nakipag kulitan sa fans!

Marian and her fans.

When Sunday Pinasaya was still airing, Marian Rivera and her fans always have a kulitan moments inbetween takes.

When it was commercial, Marian will often talk to her fans, her fans love to scream how beautiful she is in person.

“Napakaganda!” Her fans exclaimed. Marian joked, “Wag kayong ganyan baka kainin ko kayo isa-isa!” Her fans told her, “Ok lang ate yan!”

When fans keep taking videos and photos she joked, “Ano ba yan, video? Boomerang? Photo album?”

because most of her fans in the audience were female she joked, “mga tibo!” Well, Marian is indeed so beautiful in person, her female fans often got confused.

Here is the clip: