DongYan’s fitness routine, why marian can’t join.

Dong and Marian’s fitness routine.

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera held a Question and Answer with their fans. One of the questions asked by fans was about their fitness routine as a couple.

So now we have another question from Eugine Alejo, the question is what is your fitness routine as a married couple?” The host asked DongYan.

“Well, supposed to be 7 in the morning we should do exercise but eventually, she always don’t come with me to work out.” Dong said.

Marian was quick to defend herself, “Hello! that’s because I have 2 kids I need to take care of in the morning.”

“I believe I waited for her for at least a couple of months now, but she still did not join me. But Im hoping in this coming months, she will join me.” Dong said.

Marian then explain herself on why she was not able to join Dong. “Nooo, let me explain.. Because Sixto is still a baby, I sometimes stay up late at night to care for him, which is why I can’t force myself to get up early in the morning.”

“Another thing is that I also take care of Zia in the morning, I will help her with her bath and schooling, so I will go to the gym even without Dong after I have settled my children.” Marian said.

Marian said Dong gets annoyed that she has her own work out schedule. “He gets annoyed because I still go even when he isn’t there. Because I have my own schedule for going to the gym, but he wants to join me.”

Dong said, that their goal is to have a well balance lifestyle. “Our goal is it should be a balance lifestyle like the routine should include also the discipline of eating right , the discipline of sleeping well and the disipline of doing any types of exercise even without equipments as long as your body is moving and you produce sweat coming out from your body and your heart beat is increasing while exercising, these are the improtant things.”

While Marian added, that a lot of Moms can relate to her because their priority is their children.

“I think a lot of mothers can relate to me because as a mother, our priority is to take care our child first before doing anything else and I admit that we also need to do exercise. But of course Dad! I need to take care of our kids first and then when I settled then It’s time for me to go to gym.”

Dong said if Marian can make in the morning, they dan do it in the afternoon. “But if you cant make it in the morning, we can change it in the evening. Dont worry I can adjust for you.”