Director Dominic Zapata revealed the exact moment Dong fell in love to Marian.

When Dong fell for Marian.

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s director Dominic Zapata revealed what he think is the exact moment Dong Dantes fell in love to Marian Rivera.

“I’ve known Marian maybe early 2000’s or mid 2000’s while Dong, Ive know him since 90’s. I think what’s struct me the most about them as a couple was while other couples are very similar to each other, Dong and Yan, they are so different from each other, almost opposites.” He said.

“It’s like they are the right hand and the left hand that when you hold together, they will match. They are just perfect for each other. They really got along well from the get go because of their personality.”

“I think Dong already fell inlove to Marian when the time he saw Marian’s sense of humor and when he discover how family oriented Marian is. Because they both value their families so much.”

I think he falls for Marian more when he tastes Marian’s cook food, that was his weakness. That was the time when he decided to become her forever. Happy Birthday to the both of you MORE POWER FOR THE BOTH OF YOU!” He said in a special video message for DongYan.

“Thank you for you greetings Derek! Since our career started in GMA you are already there. Especially with me, who have been with you since late 90’s. As you all know Director Domic Zapata is the one who directed my first television show in GMA which is the T.G.I.S. So Ive learned a lot of style from him especially the style that I used to Marian back then.”

“Derek thank you for your greetings and you made me reminisce that dish she made that becomes the reason why I fall for her more, maybe I will request it to her to cook it again.” Dong said.