Carlo Gonzales revealed a secret about DongYan

The secret is out!

Dong Dantes closest cousin Carlo Gonzales revealed a secret about DongYan that not many of us know.

“I have a secret about Dongyan and I will reveal it to you now, Dont tell to them that it comes from me. You know why I can say that they are perfect for eachother is because Yan is a teaser (Alaskador) and she teases Dong all the time, at the same time Dingdong is very quick-tempered (Pikon) and he easily get pissed by Marian.” he revealed.

Dong Dantes can’t  believe that JC revealed it, but he immediately admitted it, “Bro, I cant believe you reveal it here! but thanks to you I could not deny it anymore.” Dong said.

Meanwhile, Marian said that Carlo is like a real brother to Dong. “I can truly say that Carlo is one of your cousins who genuinely loves you. I’ve seen it since our relationship started, on how the two of you bond. They seem to be like real brothers.”

Dong agreed to what Marian said. “Thats right!”