Marian revealed Dong wants 2 more children

Marian on AikoNTalks

Marian Rivera recently guested on Aiko Melendez youtube talk show ‘AikonTaks’. Where Marian talked about her career and family life.

Aiko asked Marian what else she could ask for in her current life knowing that she has everything she could ever have.

Marian answered, “That’s not true, I don’t really have everything but ofcourse we people never ran out of wants, dreams and needs. Especially me who have two kids.”

Marian added that she always prays for her kids and her husband Dong Dantes. “All I want is for the sake of my children and for the sake of my husband Dong.”

She also said that she prays for her marriage with Dong to last forever. “I’m praying to the Lord for my children to be kind all the time and I always pray to bless them with a comfortable and beautiful life and ofcourse I also pray that our marriage will last forever until we grow old. I prayed that our way of showing our love to each other never fades.”

But also revealed her other prayer and wish, is to have a third child. “But if I was asked what is my other wish, it is to have another child.”

Aiko asked Marian if Dong also wants to have another baby. “Is it the same for Dong? Did he also wants to have one last baby?”

Marian revealed that Dong actually wants have two more babies. “Actually he wants to have two more babies but I said No Dad just one more because Im getting old already.” Marian said.

Aiko then said she also would have wanted more babies if she has the same beautiful genes as DongYan. “It’s the same for me, I will wish to have even another 10 babies if my genes is like yours who are so beautiful.”

You can watch the Full episode at Ms. Aiko Melendez Youtube Channel