Marian Rivera declined to give advise about relationship issues in showbiz

“I’m not in the right position to compare..”

Some entertainment press got the chance to interview the Primetime Queen Marian Rivera after her contract signing with Kamiseta Skincare Clinic and Kamiseta Skin Blancare Lotion.

Aside from entertainment press and vloggers, Marian’s loyal fans are also present to her recent contract signing with Kamiseta Skin Blancare Lotion that held in Manila Peninsula.

It was Marian’s first contract signing and presscon in person post-pandemic. She said that this pandemic helps her and Dingdong to know each other more.

They can really tell that their relationship becomes more in-love and more solid. But not all relationships are just like them, this pandemic has a big impact to every relationships, some of it becomes more stronger and more in-love and some ended up breaking up.

When she was asked about it, “I’m not in the right position to compare our relationship to other relationships that failed. And I’m not also in the right position to give advice because even our family is not perfect.”

“My realization about this is we just need to put our trust to our Lord. Everything is possible to him, everything will be possible you just need to trust him all the time.”

Meanwhile, Marian said that they wish for their sitcom ‘Jose & Maria’s Bonggang Villa’ to last forever. “We don’t want Season 2 only, we want it to last forever.” She said.

Even if Marian is back on acting and doing tapings, she still believes that there will be no changes when in comes on how she’s taking care of her kids Zia and Sixto.

“Nothing is gonna change, I will still be there for them.”