Vice Ganda wants Marian Rivera to guest on his new online talk show “Gabi Gabi na vice!”

Marian and Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda revealed that Marian Rivera is on his wish list guest for his new online show Vice Ganda’s wish list guest to her online show ‘Gabing Gabi na Vice’.

The grand launch of The Vice Ganda Network is this coming July 24, Friday. Where we can watch the online talk show ‘Gabing Gabi na Vice’.

Vice is extremely excited about this because he really misses interacting with his guests. He is unable to speak with any of his guests about anything due to lockdown.

“Everything moved so fast, It feels like its been so long when the Gandang Gabi Vice show appears on TV. This time its a fresh start for me, thats why I’m excited to be with my future guests so we can make the audience laugh,” she said during the zoom meet about the pres launch of “The Vice Ganda Network” early this week.

He admitted that one of the problems they had with the staff of Gandang Gabi Vice before was they ran out of guests.

“But this time since its a digital (Gabing Gabi na Vice) everybody’s welcome. It will be online, not on television, is more fun if we will have a lot of guests.

In other words it is open for everybody not like on Gandang Gabi Vice. We were in a point when all of the artists on ABS-CBN becomes our guests. Even the staffs, so who’s gonna be our next guests? We already interviewed everyone of them in 9 years. We really ran out of guests.” He said.

“I said, ‘We can’t do anything about it because it is what it is, it is no one’s fault.’ But this time, in this online show, the audience would love to see and watch different artists or celebrities from different networks. That they’ve never seen doing interview with me.”

And since this new online show ‘Gabing Gabi na Vice’ will not feature on ABS-CBN platform Vice Ganda is hoping to have a guests from GMA-7.

“There are so many GMA artists I really want do interview such as Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, I already interviewed Dingdong before but not a solo interview, he was with Kris Aquino when I interviewed him, and then other star of GMA is Michael V. I want to interview him too and many many GMA artists.”