DongYan’s relationship advice!

How to stay in love!

The Kapuso Primetime King and Queen Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes made time to bond with their fans worldwide virtually. Where they are open for Q&A.

One of the questions was how they maintain the sweetness and love in their relationship despite spending every day together because they refused to accept lock-in taping commitments.

Dingdong answered “Of course you need to think wisely, you need to be creative. You need to think different ways and discover new things to entertain eachother.”

“For example, you both can’t go outside because of the pandemic, you are not able to go on dates, so you need to come up with applicable ones, like setting up a simple date in your garage.”

According to the actor, It doesnt require to always do excessive efforts, simple but memorable efforts is enough.

“It does not have to be spectacular”, he continue to say “Simple efforts is enough as long as you know that you did all your best to make the effort just to make her happy.”

“So, make it exciting everyday. I think it’s really the thought that counts and the effort behind these things, right? And that is what I appreciate the most.”

“I really appreciate it when she’s making an effort for me. Even in the smallest efforts like cooking for me, the dishes she’s not used to make and then she will surprise me with that, I often says ‘Ooops, where did you get that? Did you ordered it or did you cook it?”

Marian says that having an open communication as husband and wife is the most important thing you must do.

Kapuso Primetime Queen stated that “The most essential factor of a relationship is having open communication and being honest with one another. Making an effort is just a bonus.”

“Because it is important that you both feel like you’re treating it respectfully. As a partner, you must continue to understand everything, regardless of his mood.”

Dong gave some advice for the parents like them who are work from home, the work should have a cut-off to be able to have a time for the family.