What Quiapo Fortune teller told Marian 5 years ago, nagkatotoo?

Did she get it right?

Back in 2016, Marian Rivera went to Quiapo with her BFF Aiai Delas Alas and did a reading with a ‘fortune teller’ named Madam Betty.

After 5 years, did her reading came true? Let’s find out…

First the madam betty asked for Marian’s full name. “Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes.” Then the fortune teller told Marian, “You should get rid of your jealousy traits to your husband.”

Marian laughed out loud and Aiai said that it’s true because Marian is so sensitive. “She’s kind but once she doesn’t like the person, you will never change her mind.” The fortune teller added.

Marian joked that she’s gonna walk away because the fortune teller might reveal more of her traits. “Im gonna walk away, she might reveal all of my traits.”

“When it comes to your loved ones, you don’t need to bother on getting jealous because you are the only one in his life. I can see that sometimes you get jealous.” The fortune teller said.

“Marian, your cards tells me that you have a plan to build a business and if you going to pursue it, it will become successful.” She added.

Then the fortune teller that Marian will get pregnant again with a baby girl again. “You will become a mother of 3 children in the future.” Aiai asked if there’s gonna be a baby boy and the fortune teller said “Yes, only one!”

5 years later, Marian did launched e a successful business ‘Flora Vida by Marian’. But her 2nd baby is not a baby girl, but a baby boy Sixto.

Whi knows maybe they will have a 3rd child in the future and it will be a baby girl.