DongYan’s Offcam kilig moments through the years..


Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera held a funcon. They talked about how they’re able to stay strong and in love with eachother.

According to Marian, “It’s a very big factor that we put God in the center of our relationship, it made our relationship stronger, and ofcourse our kids.”

“There’s always kilig because Dong has a lot of gimmicks. He always makes me feel kilig, and i also makes him feel kilig in a different way.” Marian added.

Meanwhile, Dong said that Marian is his inspration to be a better person.

“I wanna be a better person because of her, she supports me in everything i do. She’s always supporting me 100% and vice versa.”

Here are some of the kilig offcam moments of DongYan through the years. All we can say is SANA ALL!