Will Dantes Fam soon visit Spain?

To visit Marian’s father?

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes were able to take a vacation because they have already reserved and shoot in advance for their family sitcom Jose & Maria’s Bonggang Villa.

LDong had also reserved and did advance tapings for his popular game show “Family Feud.” As a result, they finally had the chance to travel abroad after three years of the pandemic.

Zia had already experience a lot of travel abroad but Sixto was not, it is his first travel abroad. Dingdong posted some of their photos while they were in Singapore, including ones taken at Resorts World Sentosa.

One of the netizens commented “Praying that you can soon travel to Spain so that Sixto IV can meet his grandpa”. Zia already had already visited Spain several times before Sixto was even born.

Marian also has 5 half siblings living in spain that Sixto haven’t meet yet

Though there’s no confirmation if The Dantes family will soon visit spain, many fans are praying they will soon get to visit and Sixto will finally meet his grandfather.